Conjured Referrals - Demo Page

Below are three different demos of the Conjured Referrals app in action, as well as a few current client examples for inspiration. If you need help implementing any of these styles, please reach out to us at

Client Store Examples


Stock Referral App Example

Below is a very basic example of the referral app with minimal style changes. The app's styles adapt based on your site's CSS styles, and can be very easily modified through the admin section.

"Per Advocate" Referral Link Type Feature

The demo below showcases the "Per Advocate" referral link type feature. With this feature enabled, a unique link is generated when an advocate signs up using their name. The same referral link is used for all share types. Also showcased is a display of the number of friends the advocate has referred who have made a purchase. Finally, the styles have been modified a bit more to give you a sense of what the app could look like when styled.

The referral screen can be easily displayed within a modal, either triggered via a button (such as in the example below) or automatically when the page loads. The Post-Purchase Modal campaign type opens a modal on the Order Summary page after checkout.


Click here to view the post-purchase page

Streamlined Display Example

In the demo below, once you sign up as an advocate, the styles have been much more streamlined. The advocate doesn't have the option of adding a subject and message to their email but there is one less step in getting them to send their friends emails.

Redemption Page Example

To see an example of what the redemption page looks like, click the link below. As with all the other pages within the app, the redemption page look and feel is completely customizable.