Conjured Referrals - Pricing

Conjured Referrals Pricing

For more information about our enterprise plan, which includes unlimited referred revenue, and fully custom features & integrations, contact us.


Referral: When an Advocate enters their name and email address, they are prompted to either Share via Email, Post to Facebook or Twitter, or Generate a Unique Link. Each of these counts as a referral.

Redemption: When a Friend clicks through a referral link sent by an Advocate and enters their name and email address to receive a discount code, this counts as a redemption.

Referred Revenue: When a Friend uses the discount code they received to place an order, the total order value counts as referred revenue.

If you hit a limit for your plan, the app will send you an email prompting you to upgrade - the app doesn't automatically upgrade you. You are also free to downgrade your plan at any time by going to Settings > Manage Subscription within the app. Shopify will pro-rate / credit you so you only pay the higher rate for the number of days you were on the higher plan.