Conjured Subscriptions
Conjured Subscriptions
Conjured Subscriptions

Conjured Subscriptions

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Seamlessly Create A Membership or Subscription Box Program Within Your Shopify Store!

Conjured Subscriptions makes managing recurring membership fees or subscription box shipments on Shopify a snap. It's reliable and fully customizable.

Offer PayPal and Credit Card Support

Offering PayPal on your eCommerce site can boost conversions by nearly 20%, so why not offer it for your subscription box or membership service as well? Out of the box, Conjured Subscriptions comes with support for both Stripe and Braintree for credit card processing, and Braintree for PayPal processing.

Full Shopify Integration

All subscription box shipments are added directly to your order queue so you don't need to go to multiple places to manage your fulfillment processes. Select from your Shopify products when creating subscription shipments. Plus, all the subscription management and checkout pages use your domain, so you don't have to deal with trying to track analytics across domains.

Completely Customizable Theming

Every customer-facing page uses liquid templates to allow you full customizability over the user experience from checkout to subscription management.

Pre-payments and Gifting

Conjured Subscriptions easily allows you to offer options for membership pre-payment (ex: 1 month, 6 months, 12 months). Additionally, let your customers give the gift membership to a friend or loved one.

Charge Shipping and Sales Tax, or Offer Discounts

Optionally charge for shipping and add sales tax based on location, or offer membership discounts.

Never Leave Your Shopify Dashboard

Tired of keeping track of a million different accounts to manage your store's features? With Conjured Subscriptions, you can manage your memberships right from your Shopify Dashboard!

Track Accrual and Cash Revenue

Extensive reporting lets you keep track of both accrual and cash revenue, as well as user growth, churn, and cancellation reasons.

Customizable Recurring Payment Frequency

Whether you charge members monthly, weekly, or every 18 days, Conjured Subscriptions can accommodate. Set up shipments by date or by cycle number or both!

Additional Features

  • Add subscribers to your Mailchimp or Klaviyo mailing lists.
  • Integrate with Conjured Referrals to offer referral discounts on membership.
  • Optionally force login/account creation before purchase.
  • Optionally require an age gate for purchase.
  • Create different subscription tracks based on user preferences.

I want to import data from another app/company - can you help?

If you can get an export of your data, we can import it!

I want more customization - can you help?

You bet. We offer a full range of integration and customization options. Shoot us an email. We'd love to hear from you.

Great, how do I start?

Get in touch with us for a demo!